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              Earlier this week China unveiled itsfirst-generation nuclear submarine, which it was decommissioning after morethan 40 years. But later iterations of warhead-equipped submarines operated bythe country’s People’s Liberation Army were also revealed to have thecapability to strike the United States, according some reports.


              Want China Times, the English news websiteof the Taiwan-based China Times News Group, pointed out that the photosreleased of the country’s submarine fleet by the state-run news agency focusedmore on the older Xia-class nuclear submarines than the newer Type 094 Jin-classballistic missile submarine.


              This undated picture shows anuclear-powered submarine of the People’s Liberation Army Navy’s North SeaFleet preparing to dive into the sea. (AFP/AFP/Getty Images)


              Global Times, a paper published by thecountry’s Community party, noted military expert Du Wenglong saying that therelease of the photos served to show the world that China is capable oflaunching ballistic missiles like other world powers.


              Although not mentioned in the Global Timesarticle, Want China Times reported that a JL-2 submarine-launched ballisticmissile could reach the western United States if fired from the Bohai Sea. In aseparate article, the same publication elaborated that the range of a JL-2missile is 8,000 kilometers, making them a “considerable threat to U.S.national security.”


              The Washington Times gave even more detailsabout attacks on the U.S. from Chinese submarines, sourcing a Global Timesarticle that inexplicably did not appear available on the site:


              In 2010, a new class of missile sub, theType 094 Jin class, entered the service. It is capable of launching 12 to 16JL-2 missiles with a range of about 8,700 miles, covering much of thecontinental U.S. with single or multiple, independently targetable re-entryvehicle warheads.


              Chinese calculations for nuclear attacks onthe U.S. are chillingly macabre.
              “Because the Midwest states of the U.S. aresparsely populated, in order to increase the lethality, [our] nuclear attacksshould mainly target the key cities on the West Coast of the United States,such as Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego,” the Global Times said.


              “The 12 JL-2 nuclear warheads carried byone single Type 094 SSBN can kill and wound 5 million to 12 million Americans,”the Global Times reported.


              map showing radiation range

              The Washington Times included this map from the Global Times report showing what could represent the range of radiation if a nuclear missile were to be launched against the western United States. (Image source: Washington Times via Global Times)The Foreign Times reported Xinhua issued photographs about the “declassified” the Xia-class submarines Sunday, saying they could “gallop to the depths of the ocean, serving as mysterious forces igniting the sound of thunder in the deep sea.” Xinhua added that the subs are like “assassin’s mace that would make adversaries tremble.”


              China Nuclear Submarine Fleet

              This black and white photo taken in 1977and released by the Chinese Navy on Sunday, Oct. 27, 2013, shows China’s LongMarch 2 nuclear submarine during a launch ceremony in China. (AP Photo)


              The country was decommissioning thesefirst-generation submarines, which were launched in the 1970s. According to theGlobal Times, Chairman Mao Zedong in the 1950s initiated the program to buildnuclear submarines to prevent “nuclear blackmailing and monopoly.”


              In a sign of growing confidence, China’snavy gave Chinese media on Sunday, Oct. 27, 2013 unprecedented publicity on itsfirst nuclear submarine fleet, one of its most secretive military programs.(AP)
              While some considered this show a statementof the country’s military muscle, China Daily reported it was intended as anopportunity for transparency:


              As a responsible power and peace-lovingcountry, China is increasing its military transparency step by step. In itsnational defense white paper in April, the Chinese military for the first timemade public its military strength and composition, and the media coverage ofthe nuclear submarines is another step toward greater transparency. It’s reallyridiculous for some countries and their media to call on China to increase itsmilitary transparency on the one hand, and criticize China’s efforts to do soas flexing its military might on the other.
              In fact, this week’s coverage was not the media debut of the nation’s nuclear submarine fleet. As early as the 1980s, the People’s Daily reported on the fleet and its underwater rocket launching capabilities.
              Hence, the latest reports are not China’s military suddenly revealing their muscles, as the fleet and its capabilities are not some secret weapon suddenly being revealed to scare other countries.


              China Nuclear Submarine Fleet

              This undated picture shows Chinese navysoldiers standing on a nuclear-powered submarine of the People’s LiberationArmy Navy’s North Sea Fleet at an undisclosed location. Beijing has put itsnuclear-powered submarine fleet on public display, with state media on Oct. 29,2013 touting the move as unprecedented and necessary to show other countriesChina’s strike capabilities as territorial tensions mount. CHINA OUT AFP PHOTO(AFP/AFP/Getty Images)


              china submarine

              Taylor Fravel, a Chinese security expert atthe Massachusetts Institute of Technology, told the Foreign Times he believesthis transparency showed that the People’s Liberation Army “has become morewilling to discuss its capabilities.”

              麻省理工的中国安全问题专家Taylor Fravel向Foreign Times表示,他认为这种透明度表明人民解放军开始变得愿意谈论自身实力。

              A Pentagon spokesperson told Foreign Timesit “welcomes increased transparency from China as it helps reduce regionaltensions and promotes stability.”

              一位五角大楼发言人告诉Foreign Times对中国提高透明度表示欢迎,这将有助于缓解地区紧张形势和加强地区稳定。

              This year, the Chinese navy completed isfourth-generation nuclear submarines.


              So the Chinese think West Coast targetssuch as Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego are the best targets.Good grief, the Chinese may inadvertantlydo us a favor if they launched an attack on those targets.


              That’s a disgusting comment. So because thewest coast has people who vote differently then you they should be nuked?Absurd. Check a voting map most of the west coast votes R. The populous citiesare what sways the D. Second they’re human beings and your fellow citizens.Just a gross comment altogether.
              China needs to be stopped.


              “Most of the west coast votes R”? You maybe correct. However, the Republican Party is definately not my father’sRepublican Party. R’s on the West Coast are nothing but Liberals.
              I suspect you may want to moveEast…somewhere out of the way of the fallout drift.


              Horse, I’m pretty sure none of us want tonuke you. Feel better now?


              Yikes !What does the dark red mean on thatmap ?!


              If your question is legitimate and not justlooking for sarcastic answers;
              It’s a “fallout” field. If the west coastcities were hit by nukes, this is the way the radio active fallout wouldscatter across the country based on the typical prevailing winds. Red = thehighest levels of radioactivity, yellow is the least.


              @captThanks, I was just pointing out that Iliving 35 miles north of Seattle, would be in the dark red zone.Alaska looks safe.


              Marxists bombing Marxists.


              China has money to burn Iguess…considering they can destroy us with red ink whenever they want.


              no they cant. we owe china less than 2trillion dollars and are their biggest customer. they wouldnt do anything stupid.if they tried, we would simply stop buying there ****, make our own, and tellthem to take their debt and go screw themselves.


              Make light of things, but this is not ajoke. I am right in the path of that Nuke and I am one of the good guys.Rhetoric like this can turn ugly real fast.
              Do not ever trust Obama to do theright thing, the guy is a coward. China and the world is laughing at us rightnow, who says they will not fire.


              Cal –I know it is “not a joke”. I lived ona nuke cruiser for 4 years.


              Why would they want to nuke Lansing, MI?There isn’t anything there strategically worth nuking. Must not be Spartanfans…


              If they add Portland to that list I mightjust throw in my support lol


              Well They will demand their money! back. SoSTUPID Liberals destroying the military defense of America.! STUPIDS!


              Tax payer funded Subs…that is our debt atwork people.
              Thanks to Obama, China if it doesn’t getits money back could….well I hate to say…its not going to end well.I for one think any SANE American shouldthink about an evacuation plan from the USA, we have burn to many bridges andwell its dangerous thanks to Obama’s actions.


              That is exactly right. The interestpayments to the Chinese for the debt they hold almost equals (or used to) theirdefense budget.


              With Obama in office we are at risk…whilethe Obamas are busy teaching toddlers to eat dried fruit, China is teachingtheir toddlers to use machine guns.


              All thanks to Bill & Hillary Clintonallowing Loral Aerospace to help the Chinese with their rocketry problems.I still think that them and their minionsshould be tried for treason over that one…


              Why not Clinton gave them all the technologyand Ms Clintong sucked up to them.


              OMG run and hide. What a useless article.MAD is a two way street. With the trigger happy CIA and Pentagon having abalance in the world seems like a good idea. If this country would get its acttogether and stop being the spying deadbeat broke bully maybe we would not haveto worry about China having nuclear subs.


              happy to be living in the swamp accordingto that map


              So what? One of our Trident Submarine hasenough nukes to wipe out China.


              It is full of American Technology,that BillClinton and obameee gave them….In Hillary’s SUITCASE……….



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